I am a professional artist, creative practitioner and lecturer and have been teaching art for over thirty years in both secondary and further education. I I have an MA in Fine Art: Contemporary Dialogues , UWTSD, Swansea College of Art.

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My work is concerned with concepts relating landscape to metaphysical thought about place and space. My practice is concerned with nature, liminality and the phenomenology of place. Primarily a painter I have explored new materials such as ice and glass.

My creative practice stems from a fascination for the vital connection between land and sea, sea and sky, nature and mythology, male and female. The coastal landscape is a place of memories and imagination. My paintings are not a direct representation but rather a feeling, an emotional encounter, an embodiment of my sense of place through a continual dialogue between real and imagined geographies, both physical and psychological. I am intrigued with what’s left behind, tracing, mapping absence through exploration of the liminal place between land, sea and sky- anomalies in the land and seascapes which harbour portals into other worlds – cracks, crevices, fissures, alignment of stones, sea caves, shorelines – thin places, but also through the sea, shipping lanes, lost ships, the movement of the sea on the land and humans on the sea.

I am also an A Level examiner and moderator for Art & Design, and Events Organiser and on the board of The Friends of The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. I am also a Lead Creative Agent for The Arts Council of Wales.

I have had a number of group and solo exhibitions in Wales, Devon and London and have many works in private collections in the UK and Australia. I currently have a studio at Elysium Gallery Studios, Orchard Street, Swansea.

You can see or purchase my work held in stock at ‘Queen Street Gallery’ https://www.queenstreetgalleryneath.co.uk or online at ‘whitecourtart.com’ https://www.whitecourtart.com/kate-bell. To arrange a viewing of additional work contact me for a visit at Elysium Gallery Studios, Orchard Street, Swansea.


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