‘Continuums’ by divergent contemporary art collective at King Street gallery

Great write up on our recent group show at Kings Street Gallery lat month

The black blog of Carmarthen

King Street gallery have done it again in the Chate room. At the moment, there’s a diverse, fresh selection of work by a group calling themselves ‘divergent’.

And divergent it certainly is. There’s a wide variety of different visual texture on display. Tom Morris’ fragmentary, obsessive painted collages sit next to Amy Goldring’s sumptuously realised portraits of fabric shapes. Kate Bell’s powerful works in oil are counterpointed by Fi Latus’ humble but deeply thought-out sculptures. And along the near wall, a series of graphic scores for piano put together by Susan Mathews.

I don’t know what these are like as scores, but as drawings, they are incisive. They are sparsely realised, tasty little creations, using sombre brown stains, quotes from sheet music and poetically apposite words pasted into them. They’re tinkly, tentative creations that create an atmosphere that would almost be studious if it wasn’t for the quotations and the…

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